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The youthrive Cabinet serves as a decision making body for the organization and

has representation on the Board of Directors.


The Cabinet exemplifies youth leadership, finding our unique leadership fingerprint while working side-by-side with adults. We collectively impact communities and create service-learning opportunities. We work with adult partners such as the Executive Director and project staff to carry out service projects. The Cabinet also has a role in the Being The Change curriculum and planning for the annual in-person and virtual events, and is involved in the creation of the Google Classroom resource. The Cabinet is the 4 Simple Rules of Engaged Leadership put into action. And we use our leadership and passion for a purpose!

Meet The CABINET Co-Chairs
Maceo and Riley!


Why does the Youth Cabinet believe youthrive and youth/adult partnerships for peace and justice are so important?

Here's 5 reasons why:

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My name is Daisy. I joined youthrive at age 13... and as a 13 yr old, it didn't feel like anybody listened to me- especially not adults. Joining youthrive, I felt like I had a voice. I had a platform to speak and an opportunity for leadership and helping others. What was more amazing was that the teens and adults worked together! I found that though this was an unusual way of running a youth organization, I found it empowering and effective. I found that though adults and teens came from two opposite worlds, bringing those worlds together created a movement that couldn't have been done without either side.

Because of the unique structure of youthrive, opportunities and innovation are always present. Youthrive's work to promote peace and justice- with youth and adult partnerships- has allowed people of all communities to come together to break down stereotypes, speak truth, lead, and change ourselves for the better.


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My name is Ila and I am one of the co-chairs of the youth cabinet at youthrive. This year, we are looking forward to our Being the Change Day event where we will utilize our youth-adult partnerships as well as the leadership and peace-building skills we have learned throughout the year to bring the many sites that we work with together on the topics of climate change, racial justice, and indigenous rights. At the event, we will be doing a facilitated dialogue where we will discuss some of the most pressing issues that our world is facing today. We have found the dialogue not only to be the best way to get people talking about these issues but also to find common ground for people on opposite sides of the discussion. These discussions are so valuable because of the large amounts of conflict our nation faces every day. If we can find common ground on these crucial topics, then we have a much larger chance at peacefully changing the world.


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead. This quote reminds me of all the organizations I’ve been apart of. I've struggled throughout elementary school since my first language was French, plus I had to adapt to American culture. I joined the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program in seventh grade and it flipped my whole outlook on what I could accomplish. When my teacher recommended this program little did I know I had just found the support I needed.

Youthrive has also opened up an opportunity to work on peace and sustainability for our Earth and the people on it. The people in this group have inspired me set goals to fight to keep our planet working throughout global warming and all that seems to be happening with pollution. I have gained interest in further exploring what kind of impacts I could make by simply getting involved. I’ve worked with children and adults of all ages, along with having discussions at peace conferences, this has allowed me to get in touch with like minded individuals who also want to see a change in the world. I've had truly humbling experiences, and I hope that one day I can inspire teens as youthrive has done for me.

Being exposed to a diverse range of backgrounds through AVID and youthrive has helped me realize that I shouldn't try to blend into a crowd. Also, it has inspired me to stay determined to achieve in school and motivated me to get involved in my community. I was encouraged to develop skills necessary to lead in any setting or community I was a member of. Thanks to this program I hope to bring the aspects of these organizations to my university since it has enabled me to connect with others on a deep cultural level. I want to be able to inspire all kinds of people and benefit my campus as a person who can lead them to be the best version of themselves.


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As a member of the Board of Directors, I have been able to represent the youth cabinet as a co-chair and have my opinions heard. The board is comprised of an equal ratio of youth and adult members and is the Crux of our youth andadult partnership. Since last year, I have been able to learn how to conduct a board meeting, understand the inner workings of a non-profit, and work side by side with adults to integrate peace building into our community. During our co-chair meetings, we get to work with youth from all over Minnesota to play games, create service learning projects and talk about pressing issues. We are currently planning our Being the Change Day and the cabinet has so many ideas that we are excited to share with our sites: psychology games, dialogue sessions, special guest speakers, service projects.


Everything youthrive does is powered by the youth and adult partnership and this dynamic makes us thrive.


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As a young Hispanic in a country where I have not been welcomed, opportunities are limited and I have learned to adapt to the current society I live in. One of the things that has always kept me going was being better than myself. This is why I think youth-adult partnerships have helped me in becoming who I am today. I’ve been exposed to an environment where I am welcomed and have a voice. It’s important to have diverse narratives in a world so split, especially having voices for upcoming generations like mine.


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