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Vision, Mission, and Purpose

The vision of youthrive is peaceful and just communities where young people are recognized and valued.



The mission of youthrive is to engage young people with adults in strengthening leadership and peace-building skills.


The purpose of youthrive is to:

  • Inspire and engage youth and adults, through education, leadership and service to integrate peacemaking activities into their lives, their communities and the world.

  • Provide opportunities and experiences for all youth to engage in civic dialogue and civic action on issues of social justice, human rights, non-violence and anti-racism.

  • Reduce the barriers and foster connections for the full and authentic engagement of all youth in addressing community concerns.

  • Create an environment that values youth voice.

Culture and Practices

youthrive programming focuses on developing youth-adult partnerships, fostered through shared service-learning activities.


We live by the “4 Simple Rules” of youth engagement:

  1. SHOW UP and pay attention to what matters to you

  2. Know yourself and your power and SPEAK TRUTH courageously

  3. CHANGE YOURSELF as an example

  4. LEAD! Use your power and your passion for a purpose


We uphold the principles of: Respect, Trust, Partnership, and Responsibility in building and maintaining youth/adult relationships.


Adult staff and volunteers work to support, and provide the opportunities, space, and resources necessary for young people to thrive.

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