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About youthrive

Historically, best known for hosting visiting Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, youthrive strengthens and expands youth leadership and service-learning opportunities at partner sites operating in-school and out-of-school time programs for youth in middle and high school. youthrive works with numerous sites across the midwest to carry out its programming.


youthrive’s central program, BEING THE CHANGE, presents the “4 Simple Rules of Engaged Leadership” through three integrated program components: (1) studying leadership by examining the lives of local and global leaders using interactive virtual resources, (2) projects that cultivate youth and adult partnerships focused on taking action to address local needs, and (3) annual forums and virtual events inspired by the work of local and global changemakers.

The purpose of youthrive is to engage young people with adults through education, leadership, and service to integrate equity and justice activities into their lives, their communities, and the world.


youthrive is mission-driven to keep youth central to the social change process. We practice a youth-adult engagement process that lifts up youth voice and engages youth as leaders with adult partners for community action.

Agency Profile

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