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Being The Change

Being the Change is youthrive's uniquely developed program that is utilized in partner sites all across the Twin Cities, state of Minnesota, United States, and worldwide!  The program is offered in a Google Classroom format and can be easily adapted to fit any partner site's needs, whether in-school or out-of-school.  The curriculum uses research-based standards to explore the work of local and global changemakers as inspiration for young leaders to design their own community action project.


Each year, youthrive adapts the curriculum to focus on the work of a new changemakers.



In Action

With Being the Change, youthrive provides four resources to partner sites

Resource #1: Learning Resources

Designed FOR youth. Developed WITH youth.


BEING THE CHANGE provides all of our partner sites with an online interactive resource that guides young people through the 4 Simple Rules of Engaged Leadership. Leadership is explored through study of local and global changemakers, and then brought to action through community-based projects and team-building activities.

Resource #2: Training

To help make Being the Change work for you.


BEING THE CHANGE provides both training for youth workers and teachers to customize the program to their unique needs.

Resource #3: Scholars

Scholars support partner sites.


BEING THE CHANGE provides trained young professionals to help of our partner sites that run in out-of-school hours fully utilize all of the benefits of the program.  They help support both youth and youth workers through the BEING THE CHANGE process.



Resource #4: Community Events

Meet other partner sites AND local & global changemakers.

BEING THE CHANGE hosts events each year

that are free for partner sites to attend.


Events are held in-person and virtually, depending on the event and needs and location of each partner site.

All events allow yong leaders to engage with each other in

activities, dialogue, and action.

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